Trying Stanford Coursework You Should Be Ready for

If you were lucky enough to to get to university, it doesn’t mean you can relax and focus exclusively on the joys of student life. Actually, Stanford coursework is tough enough to make you feel sorry for biting off more than you can chew. Being one of the top-tier colleges in the world, the university places very stringent requirements on its students, making them, quite literally, struggle their way through university. Regardless of the major you choose, your Stanford coursework is sure to load you up with all sorts of assignments, ranging from oral presentations to written research papers and essays.

Don’t let the 3 hours of lectures in your daily schedule deceive you into thinking that you will enjoy the remainder of the time hanging out with your friends. At any of its schools and departments, the coursework of Stanford University presupposes that each hour of classes is supplemented by at least 3 hours of self-directed learning. In addition to lectures, labs, and discussions in a classroom environment, you will be expected to perform various projects, do home assignments, write essays, as well as conduct research on different topics.

The University has a reputation for its smooth transition between courses, meaning that the students are free to customize their curriculum according to their needs. However, there is a flip side to this lack of clear boundaries — you are expected to perform tasks in different fields of knowledge at an equally high level. Otherwise, it will be rather difficult for you to get the credit hours necessary for completing your course. Fortunately, there’s always somebody out there, such as a team of professional essay writers with broad areas of expertise, willing to lend you a helping hand.

Stanford Courseworks for Undergraduates

Three of the university’s schools offer programs for undergraduates, awarding both Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees. Upon entering the university, you can choose from more than 65 majors, not to mention more than a dozen joint majors based on a combination of humanities and science disciplines. However, on the path toward their chosen degree, the undergraduates will have to gain new knowledge and skills, all while performing plenty of assignments required by the coursework.

A general coursework in Stanford for an undergraduate includes:

  • Major courses
  • Writing and rhetoric
  • Foreign language
  • Critical thinking
  • Courses on reasoning, inquiry and scientific analysis
  • Electives

So, regardless of their major and elective courses, the students need to write multiple essays and other types of academic papers (including in foreign languages) within their Stanford courseworks. Obviously, this is where you may require professional help of experienced writers who can take on at least some of the tasks, thus giving you more time to handle your most important and interesting assignments.

Stanford MBA Coursework

Stanford MBA coursework is probably one the university’s most famous programs, though this blue-ribbon institution boasts plenty of top-rated programs in various fields. This two-year program for graduates offers a customized curriculum, covering many aspects of business development, human resource management, marketing, finance, leadership, communication skills, and much more. A wide choice of elective courses available in your second year fosters more profound knowledge and advanced skills in certain areas of your interest, e.g., political economics or information technology.

The program is mostly based on a case study approach so that you may expect many assignments of this type during your course. If you stumble over some of them, be sure to ask for help from experienced writers with an MBA degree.

Stanford SLE Coursework

SLE coursework at Stanford provides first-year students with an excellent opportunity to fulfill the undergraduate course requirements by picking up critical thinking skills. When you choose this unique program, you get to attend lectures delivered by representatives of the university’s various departments who will help you explore all kinds of humanities and teach you the basics of academic writing. In addition to lectures, the course provides for exciting discussions in small groups made up of fellow-students living under the same roof during the academic year. Regular movie screenings and staging theatrical productions will also be an exciting part of your coursework.

Keep in mind that apart from reading an impressive list of literature, you will also have to write tons of papers on various philosophical, historical, arts, and literature topics. If you feel like drowning in essays and term papers, you can always contact our professional writing service that is ready to help you live up to the challenge.